adchpp::Text Member List

This is the complete list of members for adchpp::Text, including all inherited members.
acpToUtf8(const string &str, string &tmp)adchpp::Text [static]
acpToUtf8(const string &str)adchpp::Text [static]
acpToWide(const string &str, wstring &tmp)adchpp::Text [static]
acpToWide(const string &str)adchpp::Text [static]
string typedefadchpp::Text [private]
utf8ToAcp(const string &str, string &tmp)adchpp::Text [static]
utf8ToAcp(const string &str)adchpp::Text [static]
utf8ToWc(const char *str, wchar_t &c)adchpp::Text [private, static]
utf8ToWide(const string &str, wstring &tmp)adchpp::Text [static]
utf8ToWide(const string &str)adchpp::Text [static]
validateUtf8(const string &str)adchpp::Text [static]
wcToUtf8(wchar_t c, string &str)adchpp::Text [private, static]
wideToAcp(const wstring &str, string &tmp)adchpp::Text [static]
wideToAcp(const wstring &str)adchpp::Text [static]
wideToUtf8(const wstring &str, string &tmp)adchpp::Text [static]
wideToUtf8(const wstring &str)adchpp::Text [static]
wstring typedefadchpp::Text [private]
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