adchpp::Buffer Member List

This is the complete list of members for adchpp::Buffer, including all inherited members.
append(InputIterator start, InputIterator end)adchpp::Buffer [inline]
buf() const adchpp::Buffer [inline, private]
buf()adchpp::Buffer [inline, private]
Buffer(const std::string &str)adchpp::Buffer [inline]
Buffer(const void *ptr, const size_t size)adchpp::Buffer [inline]
Buffer(const size_t size)adchpp::Buffer [inline]
bufpadchpp::Buffer [private]
data() const adchpp::Buffer [inline]
data()adchpp::Buffer [inline]
defaultBufferSizeadchpp::Buffer [private, static]
erase_first(size_t n)adchpp::Buffer [inline]
getDefaultBufferSize()adchpp::Buffer [inline, static]
operator ByteVector &()adchpp::Buffer [inline]
operator const ByteVector &() const adchpp::Buffer [inline]
pooladchpp::Buffer [private, static]
resize(size_t new_size)adchpp::Buffer [inline]
setDefaultBufferSize(size_t newSize)adchpp::Buffer [inline, static]
size() const adchpp::Buffer [inline]
~Buffer()adchpp::Buffer [inline, virtual]
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