PluginManager.h File Reference

#include "Singleton.h"
#include "version.h"
#include "Signal.h"
#include "ClientManager.h"
#include "Plugin.h"
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struct  adchpp::PluginManager::CommandDispatch
class  adchpp::PluginManager::PluginInfo
class  adchpp::PluginManager


namespace  adchpp


#define PLUGIN_API   __attribute__ ((visibility("default")))


typedef int(* adchpp::PLUGIN_GET_VERSION )()
 PLUGIN_API double pluginGetVersion() This function should just return the constant PLUGINVERSIONFLOAT so that the pluginmanager can determine if this plugin should be loaded or not.
typedef int(* adchpp::PLUGIN_LOAD )()
 PLUGIN_API void pluginLoad() This function is called when the hub is starting up and loading the plugin.
typedef void * adchpp::plugin_t
typedef void(* adchpp::PLUGIN_UNLOAD )()
 PLUGIN_API void pluginUnload() Called when the hub is shutting down.

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#define PLUGIN_API   __attribute__ ((visibility("default")))

Definition at line 87 of file PluginManager.h.

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