Current Version: 2.12.1

Release Date: 2016-03-08

Programming Languages:

  • C++ (Core & Plugin Interface)
  • Lua (Plugin Interface)
  • Python (Plugin Interface)
  • Ruby (Plugin Interface)
  • PHP (Plugin Interface)


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ADCH++ is a hub software for the ADC network. It implements the ADC protocol. The core application is very simple, but extensible using plugins. Among the standard plugins there is a scripting plugin that allows hub owners to further customize the hub using several scripting languages including Lua. The core is also exposed as a Python module, thus it is possible to use it within a Python application.


Here is a brief feature list of what ADCH++ supports

  • No ads, spyware, or bundled software that you don't need
  • Open source software, code freely available under the GNU GPL
  • Supports the latest ADC standard and many of its extensions
  • Encryption via ADCS
  • Supports Bloom filters to reduce traffic
  • Supports Ping Extension between hublist and hub
  • Simple Management System within the hub to configure it
  • Possibility of running multiple hubs in a single core


To run ADCH++ you will need the following:

  • Linux with at least 2.6-based kernel or Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/2008/R2/2012
  • Read and understand the documentation and follow the setup guide accordingly
  • Optional: An administrator account (to install as service / run on port < 1024 on Unix)
  • Optional: Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86/x64) for MSVC builds only, if it complains about missing DLL files.
  • Optional: OpenSSL (Windows/Linux) to generate certificates for the hub. For easy certificate generation there are scripts available in the release packages or from the project repository.

ADCH++ does not work on Windows 9x/ME and is not supported on Windows 2000.


ADCH++ setup files and source code are available at the project's Sourceforge download page located at http://sourceforge.net/projects/adchpp/files/.

Want to help testing ADCH++ or use the latest nightly builds? Check out the DCBase.org Build Archive for nightly builds or you can compile ADCH++ using the latest source code (more information in the ADCH++ Expert guide).

Patches and contributions

We do accept patches or contributions in general for everything from graphics to documentation and code/scripts, but in order to avoid future licensing issues you must give the copyright over any submitted code. Make sure that the code doesn't break support for any of the platforms supported and that it looks more or less like the rest of the code (indent, names etc).

Patches should be sent to the dcplusplus-devel mailing list or the project's Launchpad Bug & Feature tracker. Please use unified patches agains latest bzr trunk (ie. bzr diff) and supply a description of what the patch does.


The author accepts donations via PayPal. If you feel like helping out but don't know how to, this is obviously a good way =)